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Best Guide to Cheap Wedding Dress Under 100

If you are looking for a cheap wedding dress under 100 this article would be helpful for you.

Many girls have dreamed of her wedding dress when she
was 5 years old or 20 years old. But you might be confused about the way of
choosing the wedding dress because it might be your first try.

This guide to choosing a cheap wedding dress under 100 is written for some beautiful girls who might be inexperienced under a limited budget.

It is all about how to choose the wedding dress size, fabric, design and wedding themes, and some other details when the wedding is holding. If you do not know how to choose please follow what this article introduces cheap wedding dresses under 100 dollars.


First of all, you need to figure out what type of body you have. Here is the size list that girls usually have. Choose one.

1. The Straight Body Shape

•    Your shoulders and hip measurements are nearly the same.
•    Your waist is not very small andwell-defined.
•    Your shape of the body is not very curvy.

If you want your body to be looked curvy A-line skirt
and tube top skirt might be the good choices. Avoid wearing rigid and shapeless clothes especially very loose clothes.

cheap wedding dress under 100

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2. Pear Body Shape

  • Your waist is wider than your bust.
  • Your shoulder is narrower compared with your hip.
  • You have a fuller rear.

If you have tiny top and large bottom you get the pear shape body. What you need to choose is the wider shoulder wedding dress. You could choose scoop-neck or boat-neck dress to highlight your tops and make people pay less attention to your bottom.

And you can also wear some push-up bra or a padded bra to make your body look balanced.

cheap wedding dress under 100

Look wedding dress for pear body shape!

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3. Apple Body Shape

  • Your shoulders are broader than your hips
  • You are not necessarily as curvy through your hips
  • You don’t have a well-defined waistline.

If you have a larger bust but smaller hip you get the apple body shape. Rounder shoulders, larger bust and smaller legs and hip. This kind of body shape looks beautiful if you wear the right clothing.

The rule of this body shape is highlighting your beautiful tops.

What need to wear is A-line dress with cuff sleeves and beautiful V neck. Please do not wear any wedding dresses that highlights your bottom part.

cheap wedding dress under 100

Look wedding dress for apple body shape!

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4. Hourglass Body Shape

  • You’d describe your body as curvy
  • You have a well-defined waist
  • Your bust and hip measurements are roughly even
  • You may have fuller bust, hips, and thighs

Hourglass body shape is well balanced. It has well-defined waistline and beautiful curvy. This kind of body shape is the dreamed body shape that girls love. Round shoulder, push-out bust and well-proportion arms and legs belong to this body shape.

Do not be shy to show off your beautiful body curvy. Highlighting your waistline and wearing well-fitted tops and bottom. Mermaid skirt shows your perfect body curvy and makes you look like very beautiful.Please do not wear shapeless and loose wedding dress. It covers your body lines.

cheap wedding dress under 100

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5. Oval Body Shape

  • Your bust is larger than the rest of your body part.
  • Your hip looks smaller than your belly.
  • Your belly part looks full.
  • Your legs looks very slim.

Please choose V-neck or boat-neck tops which makes your tops seem slim. And flared skirts is a good choice because it is helpful to depict your body line.Do not wear mermaid skirts or some fitted wedding dress.  Loose fitting tops, tight t-shirts and tight jeans or dresses are not your choice.

cheap wedding dress under 100

Look wedding dress for oval body shape!

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6.Triangle Body Shape

  • Your bust is narrow.
  • Your hip is wider compared to the upper body the shoulders.

Triangle body shape is very similar with pear body shape. Both of them are characterized with the larger hip and narrow bust. So the same wedding dress would be recommended.

Choose the A-line wedding dresses with boat-neck or V-neck. You can also choose some chunky earrings and necklaces to highlight your upper body.

cheap wedding dress under 100

7. Inverted Triangle Body Shape.

  • You have broad shoulders
  • Your hip is small.
  • Your legs are slender.

This kind of body shape is very charming. Beautiful shoulder and slender legs are very fascinated. Tough the waist line is not well-defined it will not influence the whole body curvy.

Actually this kind of body shape requires not much on dressing because the body shape is advantageous. What we suggested to wear is ruffles dresses and V-neck dresses.

Please do not wear shapeless and loose dresses. It is not helpful but makes your body look plain.

cheap wedding dress under 100

Look wedding dress for inverted triangle body shape!

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6 different types of cheap wedding dress under 100 fabric will be introduced here. It differs from the T-shirts fabric types.Here is the list of traditional wedding dress fabric types. Know more about it and choose the most suitable one for yourself.


Satin is a traditional wedding dress fabric because of its dress shape and natural sheen. So it is regarded as the ideal choice for wedding.But it is not the good choice when the wedding is holding in summer because of its heavy structure.


It is a kind of light and glamorous fabric. And it is light, rich and glossy. Usually it can made of silk but also it can made from synthetic fabrics.


Chiffon is very lightweight and floaty. It is usually used as an overlay for a more substantial fabric. Also, it is universally used as the fabric of veil because of its lightweight and delicateness. But it does fray and snag easily.


Organza is usually made from silk and it is very similar with chiffon but stiffer than it. And compared with chiffon it is more structured while the chiffon is more floaty.


Tulle looks awesome and it is the great choice for wedding veil. It’s also ideal for overlay full skirts. Someone said a ball gown style made of tulle will have a diaphanous, airy feeling.When it mix up with some other fabrics it will be more structured. In a word it is the delicate and fabulous fabric.


Lace is such a fabric that makes girls more graceful. It has 3 different and traditional types such as Chantilly, Alençon and Venise. It is also familiar with girls and women and beloved by them.Mostly, it is often used as an overlay or detail, lace comes in a startling variety of styles.

Wedding Theme:

1.Classic wedding

Classic wedding is very traditional and often hold in church. The bride wearing princess ballgown-style wedding dress and the groom wearing a classic black tuxedo are going forward together, both of whom are followed by the flower girl and boy.

2.On the beach

A wedding held on the beach is tremendously romantic and relaxing. And the guests are not required to be formal-wear. The sea, beach and wind make people feel relaxed and beautiful.A beach wedding may consist of a small or large bridal party, and some couples even choose to have an intimate beach ceremony with just a handful of close friends and family.

3.Bohemian romance

Another romantic type of wedding is bohemian wedding which is not very romantic but also elegant. In some sense, the bohemian wedding contains the feeling of freedom.

Bohemian weddings usually incorporate an element of nature, whether that is the ceremony being held outside or greenery and floral decorations used to decorate an indoor location.

4.Garden or outdoors

The type of wedding which is holding in garden or any outdoor places is filled with relaxed air. Decorate the garden beautifully and sit around the wedding platform.

Dinning can be doing on the outdoor place or the inner place which depends on the guests or the hosts.

Other Details for cheap wedding dress under 100

  • Budget

As for the cheap wedding dress under 100, the budget of accessories and wedding dress tailoring needs to be considered. So actually not only the wedding dress budget, some other fees also need to be included.

  • Time

Ordering your wedding dress in advance you need to have some time for tailoring. According to your body size and body shape the wedding dress needs some changes. So reserve more time for your wedding dress tailoring.

  • Conclusion

Last but not least, choosing your most suitable wedding dress under limited budget is not very easy which needs to spare some time to find the best one.

According to your body shape, body size, your favorite dress fabric and your wedding theme, find the most suitable wedding dress for you. And you can also choose it according to your usual style of dressing which may be another hint of choosing for you.

Look wedding dress for triangle body shape!

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