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9 Types of T-shirts Fabric in Summer

When summer is coming, there are handsome boys and pretty girls on the street in their beautiful t-shirts. The T-shirt is well-matched with so many kinds of clothes so that it seems to be the necessary one for everyone to take in. It is so popular but it seems that few people know about the detailed information about the fabric of t-shirts.

9 types of t-shirts fabric will be introduced respectively in this part.

1. 100% Ordinary Cotton Fabric

Most of the leisure t-shirts are made of cotton which feels very soft and comfortable but with bad extensibility as the surface of the t-shirts made of cotton are easy to wrinkle when you wash it.

The cotton t-shirts are popular with the good-feeling and environment-friendly and its weight is between 160g and 300g cause if it is of a little bit great weight it makes people feel stuffy. On the contrary, t-shirts become very thin. General speaking the best weight range of t-shirts is from 180g to 260g.

As for the yarn of t-shirts the average range is from 21 to 32. How the yarn of t-shirts is defined? Simply speaking, if 50g cotton is separated into 40 yarns it is called 40 yarns which are used to make t-shirts. So more yarns are used to make the t-shirts more comfortable the t-shirts will be.

100% Cotton T-shirts Fabric
100% Cotton Fabric

2. Mercerized Cotton Fabric

Mercerized cotton fabric is the second one to be introduced which is made of ordinary cotton fabric and the t-shirt which is made by this fabric is comfortable when you are in.

people take cotton as the raw material and make it become the high-yarn material by meticulous spinning. After special processing such as singeing and mercerizing, it is made into a high-quality mercerized yarn that is smooth, soft, and wrinkle-resistant.

The high-quality knitted fabric which is made of this raw material not only completely retains the excellent natural characteristics of the original cotton, but also has the silky luster. The fabric is moisture-absorbing, breathable and feels soft. Besides, the elasticity and the drape are quite good. Also, the color is rich and comfortable to wear.

It not only feels soft and comfortable but also reflects the taste of the wearer. But it may be more expensive than 100% cotton-made t-shirts.

Mercerized Cotton T-shirts Fabric
Mercerized Cotton Fabric

3. Double Mercerized Cotton Fabric

Double Mercerized Cotton is very similar to the mercerized cotton fabric but what the difference is “double” which is double singed and double mercerized.

It does not take the cotton as the raw material anymore but the mercerized cotton and gets the support of the design and production system for producing the well-designed sample which is used to be burned and mercerized again.

After experiencing the process of being sorted out, the final fabric comes out. The fabric surface is clear, the pattern is novel, the gloss is bright, the hand feels smooth, and the mercerized cotton is smoother than the mercerized cotton.

The price is slightly higher because of the double singeing and mercerizing.

 Double Mercerized T-shirts Fabric
Double Mercerized Fabric

4. Ultra-high-yarn Cotton Fabric

As we have talked before, the more yarns one t-shirt owns the more comfortable it will be. As for the ultra-high-yarn cotton, some people need it but not most of the people.

It includes 120 to 250 yarns t-shirt fabric but it is very expensive. As a result, most of the people and companies will not use it.

5. Cotton plus Nylon Fabric

This fabric is not 100% made by cotton but it is added some nylon. As a result, this fabric gets all the advantages of cotton which are elastic and smooth like silk.

It is very comfortable to wear just like cotton but it is not universally used. Cotton and silk blends are often used as woven garments while t-shirts are knitwear. Usually, the woven garments include blouse, suits, and jeans. It differs from the shirts.

Cotton plus Nylon T-shirts Fabric
Cotton plus Nylon Fabric

6. Cotton plus Polyester Fabric

Generally speaking, it makes up by 80% cotton and 20% polyester or 65% cotton and 35% polyester.

The constitute overcomes the disadvantages that cotton is easy to wrinkle and deform. And the hygroscopicity is also excellent but it is not so environment-friendly and healthy as the pure cotton.

By the way, if the t-shirt contains less 35% cotton it can be defined as a low-quality t-shirt.

Cotton plus Polyester T-shirts Fabric
Cotton plus Polyester Fabric

7. Modal Fabric

Modal is a kapok fabric, which is a natural fiber, a new environmentally friendly material whose hygroscopicity is much greater than pure cotton.

The only disadvantage of the modal is easy to be deformed. But if the polyester and modal blends it will be the superior-quality fabric.

Modal T-shirts Fabric
Modal Fabric

8. Spandex Fabric

Spandex is the fabric that cotton and lycra blends which is very elastic and close-fitting.

It doesn’t make you feel you are wrapped or stuffy. The great advantage is its flexibility so it is often used to make women’s t-shirts.And another advantage is that it is hard to fade when people wash it and it is also wear-resistant.

On the other hand, it also has some disadvantages such as bad hygroscopicity and bad heat resistance.

By the way, the spandex fabric is usually blended with some other fabrics such as polyester and lycra which will not be used to make t-shirts by itself.

Spandex T-shirts Fabric
Spandex Fabric

9. 100% Polyester Fabric

This kind of fabric is not the kind of chemical fiber as we consider. It refers to the polymer synthetic chemical fiber which is produced by the new arrangement of molecules.

It is hard to be produced so it will be much expensive. ADIDAS and NIKE which are focused on sportswear often use this kind of fabric. It is exceedingly suitable for sportswear because it can evaporate sweat timely and will not become heavy like the cotton shirts. So many athletes will wear polyester wears instead of cotton wears.

100% Polyester T-shirts Fabric
100% Polyester Fabric


These 9 different types of tshirts fabric have their advantages and disadvantages. If we know more about the fabric the knowledge will help us to make the more wise decision under different circumstances.

Get ready to have your great t-shirts which get along with in summer days.  

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