5 most interesting cool gadgets for problem-solving

1. Remote controlled Infrared Caterpillar.

Remote controlled Infrared Caterpillar.

When I first see the remote-controlled infrared caterpillar I think it is a good chance to play prank with my friends and family. Look at its appearance. Do you think it is sick or interesting or looks a little bit cute in a strange way?

Remote controlled Infrared Caterpillar.
Remote controlled Infrared Caterpillar

The little black dot is not the third eye but an infrared receiver.Or you would like to regard it as a cute little black eye ?
It can crawl like a real cockroach which can follow a winding course and that is all.
At the abdomen of caterpillar there are 6 button batteries for supplying the energy. Yes. it can be long-used.
Have you got someone to play pranks? I know someone will scream when this little cute but strange gadget appears.

2. Bacon stand for the microwave

Kitchen gadgets are always interesting and very helpful. I find one that is very special.
Look at the little bacon stand. We used to put the bacon on some plates but that way makes the bacon touched the air only on one side. Put bacon on the stand then two sides of bacon can touch the air. And bacon hangs then the adipose drip from the stand.
It seems to be a plastic one and very easy to be washed.

Bacon stand
Bacon stand

3. Beer Glass for two, Halamug.

Usually one beer glass is for one person. Recently I find a cool and friendly beer glass. Let’s take a look.  

Beer Glass for two

When you are in a bar or have a party somewhere Halamug is very helpful which is regarded as an opportunity to quickly meet new people. Let two people who do not know each other before share a Halamug and have a drink. It can help people get closer automatically.

beer glass
drink party

It seems more than a Halamug but a tool to help people build relationship naturally.

4. Beautiful Toilet light illuminates the throne

Gadgets on toilet sometimes can be very interesting. Some movies or books take the toilet as a port of entering the other world like Harry Potter. This little toilet light reminds me the beautiful times when I read it.


The little toilet light illuminates the throne at night and you do not need to open the light at toilet which makes us to find where it is more easily. There are many different colors to be chosen and all of them are sparkling in their special color which deserves appreciation. I love purple and blue which make the toilet seem more mysterious.
The light sensor reacts very well to the movements. That means, it turns on as soon as you approach the toilet or the sensor and even after a minute or two without movement, the light turns off.
The only thing that did not work very well is that the light should switch off as soon as it gets too bright.


It can be placed not only toilet but somewhere else like sink.

5. Relax yourself in summer days.

When summer is coming we would like to go outside such as park and beach. There is such an air couch that could help you relax more easily. Lie on it anywhere you want. And it is very easily to get started and carried.

air sofa

Let us see how to run it.

air sofa
air sofa

First, open one of the two chambers that make up the bag. This should be as shown below. Then, capture the air around you by rotating which is heavier than you think.
After some practice, you still need a few seconds to get enough air in the bag. The process is then repeated with the second chamber until both are sufficiently filled. Simple trick: Put a fan in front of the open bag so you can fill it effortlessly.


The second step is: by rolling in a curved sheet, you can provide the necessary pressure in the bag. If the fabric is stretched, the structure can be rolled up to prevent air from escaping.
All of this may sound more complicated. It’s easier to describe the process of “Wag, Roll, Click”, which should actually be enough as a guide.

polyester material

Many people are worried about the “Quality Explode”. After scratching its surface it did not rupture the seam but some scratches.
Thanks to the rugged, tear-resistant polyester, you can enjoy this for a long time.

These 5 gadgets can help us for problem-solving or playing. Maybe you can have a try~